Millan's Art Story.

As far back as I can remember, drawing, painting and playing the piano have been part of my life. I grew up in a small medieval town on the Baltic Sea in southern Sweden. My father was an artist and my mother a pianist - a very interesting and lively home! All my aunts, uncles and cousins are also very artistic. After high school and college at 20 years old I decided to sail to America on the M.S. Kungsholm. The crossing took 9 days. This year abroad changed my life.

After a year I went back to Sweden. I didn't go alone, but like the Swedes in my home town put it, "Millan brought a Yankee with her." We were married and spent the summer in Sweden, then back to America. My husband finished school while I worked in a bank and in my spare time I painted portraits of friends and colleagues to make extra money. Later, I taught oil painting for many adult education classes and raised 3 children.

We moved to Boulder in the early 70's and I have lived here ever since. I have painted more or less all these years and taken many art classes. After retiring from selling real estate years ago, I am painting full time.

Boulder is a wonderful place to be an artist. I find inspiration everywhere. I paint everything I like and I like almost everything!

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